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Loss of power/acceleration

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I recently had my 2000 VW beetle manual in the shop to get vacuum hoses, belts, and harmonic balance among other random parts replaced. NO ACTUAL WORK ON CAR HARDWARE. I drove the car for about 2 hours and it was great, she purred like new and was amazingly powerful. By the end of my 5 hour drive, I had no power and could no go about 30 MPH, even had to stop on the highway. I have read things about the EPC light going on and whatever, but I have not had that light appear. I am at 199K miles and she has not ran in two years. Just got her up and going. What would cause this loss of power randomly after being so perfect?

-Sad VW Beetle Owner
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Please fill in your personal info; in your user profile, so we can help you more intelligently in the future (year, model, engine, trans, etc.).

So we are dealing with a 2000 New Beetle with a 2.0L, manual trans and 200k on the odometer?

What specifically; is the history of the car (why was it not running for two years?) and what did you just have the shop do to the car? If they worked on it last; I think, I would take it back to them.

Now, if you want to fix it yourself; you need to start troubleshooting what the problem is.

I would start by scanning the car; preferably with a vw compatible scanner. If it hasn't been running for over two years; did you remove the old gasoline and put in fresh? Bad gas; can make a car run horrible! :mad: I would replace the fuel filter and remove bad gas (if it is old) and put in fresh. I would check and see if there is any water or junk/trash in the bottom of the gas tank (clean it out; if needed). Also, you could check the fuel pressure and see if it is in spec.

First get the car scanned, for trouble codes and post them here. Then we can go from there; hopefully, any trouble codes can give a clue as to what is going on.
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