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Loud wooshing sounds.....

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I have a 2002 Beetle 1.8t that we have just brought home and we love it to death so far! However, when the turbo engages there is an air blowoff sound. No trouble codes are displayed and the car runs fine, I have glanced at the hoses and nothing stands out. Based on what I have read it is most likely a hose leak somewhere, any ideas on where to start?

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Does it sound like a flutter. Cause my diverter valve went in my 1.8t and bought an aftermarket blow off valve. Check your diverter valve, the guy who had my car before me put it on backwards. No codes will be thrown. Hope this helps

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yeah beetle turbo really doesn't make turbo car sounds.

If you don't care about air box melting little bit at the bottom (or lay something in there), take the air filter out, throw several smoke bomb,close the cover and rev the car to see if the smoke comes out.
I had a person working on the car. he kept saying the hoses were tight.
I tried those and I was able to see smoke was coming out of the hose by the intercooler.
It really sounds like someone getting shushed in church to tell you the truth... I will check that tomorrow, as soon as I can find it, the manual I have doesn't really spend much time on the turbo layout. Thanks!
Try this...
-pop your hood
-locate your secondary air injector pump (SAI pump). It's located slighty to the right behind the dipstick.
-start your beetle
-go under your hood and put your hands around the SAI Pump, namely around the seam.joining the two halves together.

If you feel air coming out of the seam, you have a bad seal in your SAI pump. This is caused by a failure in the rivets that join the two halves together. plus there was a foam like gasket in between the two seams, which is pointless considering the repair.

the repair for the SAI pump is reaming out the rivets and replacing them with machine nuts and bolts. there is a thread for this repair on the org.

At first start, the pump is running wide open, so this is the optimum time to check not only the pump, but other hoses is associated with that pump & air filter box.
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No more wooshing!

Well it ended up a very simple fix, the hose from the turbo to the diverter valve had a two inch gash on the underside of it...

Thanks for the help guys.
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