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callisto9 said:
i've read in the manual that when the low fuel light goes on, you have 1.9 gallons of fuel remaining. has anyone actually verified that and drove their car until it ran out of gas? since my fuel guage, like most other NB owners, seems to be way off, i am a little leary of trusting the low fuel light telling me i have about 2 gallons left.

since i am getting about 26 mpg in town, i would guess i'd have about 50 miles until empty, but i just don't trust it since when i've driven 170 miles on a full tank, my fuel gauge reads 3/4 tank full. :(
Here is something else to consider.... if the tank is low (let's say less than 1/8 of a tank), when the remaining fuel sloshes around, there is a possibility the pump will "suck air". This is hard on a fuel pump and might cause it to fail prematurely. I always fill up my vehicles 1/4 or above to be on the safe side.

On our 2000, one day we were a little above the red and the warning light had not come on, but I had a loss of power every few minutes... filled up at the next exit and problem went away. Which is why I don't think the gauge on our car is reading correctly.
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