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This is just my own personal experience, but this is possibly the worst dealership in the ENTIRE world.
The service manager, Brent, talks to me like I'm five years old and thinks I know nothing about cars (I know enough to get me by...)
They refused to believe me when I told them about a compression issue in cylinder one (I had to take it to an independent mechanic because Lynch Imports couldn't fix the constant Check Engine Light issue...) and told me it couldn't possibly be the cylinder...and instead charged me $200 for a vacuum hose.
Now, nine months later, my car is at a DIFFERENT dealership (Gunther VW in Coral Springs, FL, who are FANTASTIC!) and my engine is being torn down tomorrow to find the cause of...the compression problem in cylinder one! If they would have believed me and the independent mechanic, and the compression test printout that I gave them, I wouldn't be having all these issues.
Again, just one person's experience, but I'd be leery of this dealership.
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