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So I can across Kaylabug99's post about her and her bf cutting down the front headrests to achieve a lower level that matches the backseat headrests. It looked great so I decided to try it myself. So they went ahead and made their cut on the second notch down when the headrest is removed. I went ahead and cut the third one down and here is the results. I have attached a Before (longer) and an After (shorter).
They used a jigsaw to modify their headrests. You can do this with a jigsaw, hacksaw or an angle grinder with a cutting disc. I personally used an angle grinder with a cutting disc. I also clamped them down with my Bench vise so they would not move around. Now there will be some metal burrs that should be removed with a file so it doesn't get caught up in the housing. Nice and simple, if you are hesitant on this don't be alarmed, cut a notch lower, check the look and proceed from there.

This has made it look more appealing from the interior perspective as well as generally safer. I now have way more visibility over/through the headrests when turning my head to check my blindspots. Take care NB owners and thanks again to Kaylabug99 for the original post and giving me the idea to tackle this easy task on my own.


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