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The MAF sensor is screwed to the side of the air box with two screws (on right side of engine bay). To remove it, remove the hose clamp, and pull off the hose. Then unplug the connector, and last remove the two screws.
Cleaning might or might not work. Use electronic spray cleaner. DO NOT touch inside the sensor housing with anything.
The MAF has an extended warranty. The dealer should replace it for free if it is bad.

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CEL came on in my NB 2003 2.0 the read code was
16518- P0134
O2 Sensor Circ.,Bank1-Sensor1 No Activity Detected
I did change the sesor and it was OK for a few days... and CEL came on again!
same fault code

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As mentioned, the MAF assembly is screwed onto the side
of the air filter box, it's the outlet of the filter box.

You should see the MAF sensor itself sticking out of the
side of this outlet tube. It's held in with a couple
security torx screws. If you have the right security
type bit (or maybe a dremel) you can just remove the
sensor from the tube without needing to bother with
the rest of the intake.

There's also some suggestions on tdiclub.com about
putting some dabs of di-electric grease in the connector
when you re-attach it.

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