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They would be located on the top/center of the dash and
include oil temp gauge, clock with stop watch function,
and a boost pressure gauge. Wasn't told anything about
having to order this separately and thought it came with
the Turbo models.

Am hoping that it is an option that is automatically included
with any of the three turbo models offered. I assume it remains
out of view (recessed) and then pops-up when the car is started.

Spoke to VW HQ (1-800-822-8987) and was directed to their tech
area. Was then informed that the Aux Instrument Pkg will NOT be
in any of the three turbo models, even though the catalog and the
internet site photos of the interior show it as being in the vehicles.
They have no idea when it may be added to build vehicles, most likely
not until much later in 2012 and there is no retrofit available that
the dealer could add.
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