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Meet my butterfly, Marmalade!

He's an orange 1972 Super Beetle given to me by Mammy, our best friend's mom in Colorado. We lived together for a short time and she shared her love of sewing with me, we helped her build several planter boxes for her garden, and we fixed up some vehicles the family had. At the time, she declined my request for ownership of the bug. After a year in Colorado, my husband surprised me with Sagra, my 2007.

Our friend called us up the other day and said Mammy came outside and looked at the beetle sitting literally in the exact same place as six years ago. She told him to call me up, and if we'd come get it, I could have the car. He did, and we did.

He's mine, but he's already proven himself to have a BIG attitude. He crashed us. It's our first accident ever, for both myself and my husband, and I'm happy to report no injuries to us or our dog Thor. Brothers shouldn't fight, though. Both beetles got mangled.

Sagra has been deemed a total loss for what seems like minor scrapes to his rear bumper alone, but the worst damage is to the front wheel. The control arm is bent and his wheel folded inward underneath the car somewhat. Roadside assistance saw him transported directly to a collision center.

Marmalade also took a substantial impact to the same area. My dad, further away and contacted after police and insurance, got to me before the tow truck. After a bit of adjustment to get metal off of tires and tie up a dragging bumper and such, he hauled us and Marmalade the rest of the way to his house. We used our rental reimbursement to get a truck to haul Marmalade home strapped onto a U-Haul tow dolly to prevent him from getting any more ideas about driving hisself. He still pitched a fit, and an entire wheel with brand new tire attached, as soon as we left the flat never-ending plains. Hubby and I searched the ravine and forest for 40 minutes and never found any hint of that wheel.

We finally made it home in time for a load of laundry and 4 hours sleep before a week-long training class.

Geico's check arrived today, minus deductible and $300 to keep my frog-legged beetle. Sagra is now safe at my dad's house for now, while Marmalade is here at home in Florida with me. School begins soon, and I have no beetle. The race is on to fix up my little butterfly bug in time to commute to work!
No pressure...
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