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Marvins_dad - 'Marvin' 2002 Metallic Green TDI

New Beetle: Marvin - 2002 1.9 TDI Metallic Green - CGCC Limited Edition #002

Exterior Features & Mods
Custom Scalloped Paint!!!
Tinted windows
Custom Marvin vanity decals
Angry Marvin decal
Green DFW New Beetle Club decal
Antenna Ball Alien(daily driver)/Marvin(shows)
Purple strobes in front clear and rear marker lights
Purple blinky LEDs in the headlights
Green colormatched headlight housing
California Dreams Spoiler
Custom valve covers
Perfect Fit half bra
Painted engine cover
Painted yellow calipers
Ronal R38's - 17" Color Matched with VW caps

Interior Features & Mods
Tan leather interior with custom green dye inserts
Lighted Bud Vase - a duet of Marvins, Flag
Marvin steering wheel cover
Marvin seat belt pads
Marvin sunshade
Custom Speedometer Face - Marvin's face and painted housing
LED Green lights under dash

Tink's Cold Air Intake
Monsoon Sound system with a few mods...
Boston Acoustic and Clif Design Tweeters
Auxiliary Input for MP3 Player
10" L7 Kicker Subwoofer powered by 600 watt JBL 600.1

Old Forum Photo Thread (with history)<----click here


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How in the world did you post these pics and no one commented on them? Did you have them closed or hidden in the graveyard or something? ;)

Antoine, if there was ever a NB that I would travel about 2300 miles to steal, it definitely would be Marvin. (That is a compliment, not a threat!;) ) :roflmao:

Marvin is one of the greatest NB's out there. (I put you in the company of the like of Siren, Wink (SukhoiDave's), Freaky, and other's!) You have done a fantastic job! :goodjob: :wave3:

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How I missed Marvins thread, is beyond me, too! I Love Marvin!

He's the coolest! :clap:

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Really like your nb-lot of detail went into the interior & external mods

Also i would like to thank you for the "How to's"- i have used them a lot. Again thank you.

You have a lot of knowledge of different kits-these after market body kits and bumpers can get expensive with shipping-i find one i want and you have to order from afar-shipping charges are as much or more than kit. Got any suggestions-i would like to have rsi look or possibly votex.

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hey who did your cold air intake?? nice bug twon!


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Your Speedo & Instrument Cluster . . .

. . . Is just too damn cool!!! Easily one of the best bugs on the forum, R/S JST

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Such nice comments!
I've been so busy with the new baby that I hadn't checked in on this thread...feel like I have been neglecting little Marvin, but he understands.

He did get to spend some quality time with me on Sunday when I popped off half his interior panels and installed my new Sirius Sporster Replay (once again ripping of Pete and his setup).

He did get some good toys for Christmas...and since we paid him off early (Nov. I think) we felt we needed to have some reference guides to keep him alive. I got VagCom working and also the Bentley CD Rom to help figure out what is making him sick.

JD - you know who did my CAI! :wink:

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Your NB is the coolest in the universe! :D What an awesome idea for your speedometer! I really like the eyelids too; you almost can't even tell they're there with the black paint you have. Great job!!
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