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Those are some great pictures Matt. :bigthumb:

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More pics, please, of that beautiful New Beetle! :D

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-APR DPP 93 Octane Programming
-Dahlback Racing Blue Anodized Divertor Valve (for sale)
-Samco Silicone Boost Hoses (Blue)
-GHL 2.5" Downpipe
-Remus Axle-Back
-TDI Midpipe
-Ebay P-flow knock off
-ITG Air Filter

-Joey Mod Headlights
-Smoked Tail lights
-Charactere Wing (disabled upper spoiler)
-HID headlight conversion
-Clear Front corners
- 5% rear, 35% side Window Tint

-Stock and beautiful
-Monster Mats
-Cuban cigar in the bud vase
-Euro Switch

-stock monsoon speakers
-alpine head unit
-4 gauge power wire
-soundstream rubicon 2 sub amp
-12" Polk/MOMO sub
-iPod hookup

-Flat black 15" avus rims
-Nokian Hakkapelitta 2 studded snow tires (kick ass!)

:cool: :runnethov :band: :goodjob: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :D

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Billsbug said:
GREAT lookin' NB :bigthumb: ...would love to see a stubby antenna or, even better, a sharks fin antenna in blue...

I have a stubby painted flat black, but I actually use the radio so i prefer the stock one for reception. Though a sharkfin would be hot. what ones fit the curve of the bug with minimal modification?:D
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