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Million Dollar Speaker Question

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:confused:How deep of speaker will the front door on a nb handle? Can some one measure one they took out or look at the dimensions on the box of the ones they put in? Any information would be greatly appreciated by me and probably many others in the future.:confused:
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I'm sorry this hasn't been answered. I should be taking mine out this weekend, and I'll measure to see. Most are seating that with a1 inch spacer, most speakers will clear the window. I'm cutting my old speaker, and using the shell to mint the new ones. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works?
Thank you for your concern. I actually put my new speakers in. I have the specifics wrote down in my car. I'm planning on doing a follow up post for anyone who may need this information in the future.
Update FYI

When I took my door panel off I popped the window switches out and plugged them into the harness. I rolled the window up to drill out the rivets that held the factory speakers.(I highly recommend doing it this way.) Then I rolled the window down and measured clearance. I got 1 1/2 inches. The Kenwood speakers I bought claimed a depth of 1 11/16 inches. So I held one in place and rolled the window up and down.(I highly recommend doing this also.)They did not bump each other. To be safe though, I put two 1/4 inch flat washers between the door and speaker at each screw. I hope this helps anyone in the future planning this upgrade.
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