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I was lucky to find a shop nearby that specializes in newer VW's. I have learned since buying my Bug that this is a blessing! I went by to get some estimates and found that not only do they have a thriving business which is a good sign, they are gearheads and they speak NB fluently. The guy I spoke to had good answers to all my questions and most importantly I didn't get that 'keep-away vibe' that suggested they were not on the up-and-up. I am already compiling a list for ECS, etc.

BeetleJuice's previous owner had the timing belt and water pump replaced, but the car is getting close to 180,000 on the ticker so I will be ordering a full timing belt & water pump kit to have them replaced again. I removed the timing belt cover and the belt looks fine with no signs of cracks, stress, wear etc. but i'd rather be safe with my Bug. And my reason for this - it's time have the engine rebuilt and then I am going K04. I have already found several good kits, so I am going to take my time, do the research and decide which one to go with.

And with that comes a whole host of questions. There are so many good options - it's a good problem to have. As many of you already know, i'm insane about the details and I take my time so any subjective & experienced input is always welcome.

Upgrading fuel injectors - which type and output for a conservative K04 build?

Silicone inlet pipe from the MAF to the turbo / engine - there are so many so I've got to decide there.

Just how much is the 710N good for? I believe that it will work well with the build I am planning, but there are so many good looking diverter valves and BOV's to choose from... And I don't want to mess around with changing out springs. etc.

Bigger intercooler or new one that will fit in the oem location?

New turbo downpipe & exhaust - how much of it can I do by myself - it all looks pretty simple and straightforward - I was surprised at how accessible the exhaust, etc. are.

Last but not least - how much is the stock clutch good for? The clutch never seems to be straining - I always think it's over rated for the power the AWP makes.

Thanks as always,
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