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Monsoon Wiring Harness Missing

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I am trying to install a factory Monsoon radio in my 2006 NB to replace an aftermarket radio in it now. Whoever installed the aftermarket radio clipped all the factory plugs off, so there is nothing left to plug into my new factory monsoon radio. I am having extreme difficulty finding plugs for anything other than the standard (non-amped, non-monsoon) radio. How many plugs should there be? There are two 8-pin sockets and one 20-pin socket on radio. Does that mean I should have three wiring harness coming from the car to the radio? I only see two. Maybe the 20-pin socket is for an external CD changer? I do have a Monsoon amp in the trunk and extra speakers on the dash (verifying it is a Monsoon system). Will two 8-pin standard factory radio plugs work okay?
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Yes you should have three harness's going into the back of the monsoon head unit.

The top one is actually standard VW harness wiring for dubs with steering wheel controls. And it also supplies a separate power supply that allows you to run the radio without the key.
The two 8 pin connectors are the minimal wiring needed to connect the speakers, amp and head unit together though.
No top harness in my car...

Thanks for the info. My VW does not have the top wiring harness; at least not any more. When I took the aftermarket radio out, the only wires were those to the two 8-pin connectors. Also, my VW New Beetle does not have steering wheel controls.
I actually hooked up the two 8-pin harnesses and the radio will not power up. The blinking security light flashes intermittently. Where would the harness you mentioned be? Can I get one somewhere, you think?
One other thing, I have a security code, but cannot enter it unless radio powers up. If radio actually did power up, would entering the code be enough? Or would it be necessary to take to a VW dealer to hook up a tester and program car with the code?
When I took mine out, all three harness's were wrapped together. Once I plugged in the two 8-pins to the kit Crutchfield sent, all was good.

The third harness was left unplugged and has had no effect on my sound system.

The person at Crutchfield told me that it was used for VW's with steering wheel controls, and knowing VW, they just used it for all VW's, irregardless of steering wheel controls.

Problem, as I would imagine, is determining which wire originally went with which harness.
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