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MPG going down???

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2007 2.5L Automatic I think my gas mileage is becoming worse? I drive to school and back every day which about 4 miles away, and to work and back 3 days a week and it is only 14.5 miles away, I take the highway to get there. It used a little over 3 gallons (and yes, I watch very very carefully) TODAY just doing this. This doesn't seem right? Also when I start the car, it ignites at 1500 rpms and it's super loud, so I'll put it into reverse, and it feels like something is dropping a little bit, and it gets quieter. Is it using too much gas to start??
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Off the top of my head, a bad vacuum hose can cause a rough start.
is it normal for the car to be at nearly 2000 rpms when starting it??? it's still very loud at startup. didn't do this when i first got the car. i noticed it became persistent about 2 months ago.
Have you scanned the car; for trouble codes? Please post any and all trouble codes here, we will try to help!

A common problem on the 2.5L; is the PCV valve that is built into the valve cover fails! This can cause; an uneven idle issue and trouble codes.

Check out this thread for a inexpensive fix; from Dorman.

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