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MPG not near 40

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Hello all just got a bright yellow 2006V dub bug with 155,000 miles on the diesel engine. Was touted as getting 40 miles to the gallon, but so far I’m barely getting anything over 21 miles per gallon… Same as my F150 truck! (Gas).
Don’t know if I need to have something checked out again. What is this I read about “venting” the tank?
any pointers will be greatly appreciated as this is my midlife crisis car! And I bought it strictly to drive to and from work 90 miles round-trip
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Here is a thread; you might want to review:

TDICLUB is a great tdi centered site and the faq is great place to get up to speed on this unique vw engine.

Mark iv/golf/jetta/ new beetle discussion area:

A VW specific factory level scan tool, like vcds by ross tech; would be helpful, to check for codes and live data, do things like adjust timing, etc.

Hopefully, other tdi folks here; can chime in with some ideas, on things to check, discuss.

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The 06 has the BEW engine, which is the same engine I have in my golf, I regularly get over 50mpg during the summer and about 45 in the winter. The beetle is slightly different in shape and because of that you will loose a couple of mpg’s.

Is your car automatic or stick? If you drive an automatic you’re going to pay a 10 mpg penalty but even then you should be getting around 42-45 in the summer and 36-38 in the winter.

My daughter has an 01 beetle tdi 5spd and she gets in the mid 40’s most of the time.

The link on fuel mileage that Billy linked to is very good. Oilhammer has covered a bunch of common issues that plague vw tdi’s.

Venting the tank is putting more fuel in you fuel tank. For instance I always vent mine when I fill, which means I can put about an extra two gallons in the fuel tank, it’s the difference between going about 600 miles before I need to fill up again and going nearly 800 miles between fill ups.

Venting is a diesel thing you would not want to do that to your gas engine vehicle or you would get gas in the evap system and have a major problem. An 06 diesel does not have an evap system.

Running properly your bug should go 500-600 miles on a tank of fuel and occasionally in the summer you may see 675ish.

Do you know any history of the car? When was the timing belt last changed? Do you know anyone with a vcds near you that could read injector balance and the torsion?

The BEW engine has a known issue with the camshaft. I have put 2 camshafts in mine, of course I also have 428k miles on my car. Camshaft replacement takes a Sunday afternoon of work, not overly tough to do.

You have in my opinion acquired one of the best cars ever made, hopefully it is a five speed manual. I often joke that the Diesel engine coupled with an automatic transmission vw tied a 500k mile engine to a 50k mile transmission.

Check tdiclub many questions about your car and engine have been asked and answered.
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