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Friday evening, December 23, right after I got gas, I had trouble starting the my 2002 Beetle GLS. It finally started up and was running well though the Check Engine and Electronic Immobilizer lights were on. The Electronic Immobilizer eventually went out and has stayed out though the Check Engine light stayed on. I stopped by Advanced Auto to use the code reader and I got the following codes. All I remember the guy saying after he saw the codes was something was bad in the electrical system and he would never own a VW.

P0261 - Cylinder 1, injector circuit low
P0264 - Cylinder 2, injector circuit low
P0267 - Cylinder 3, injector circuit low
P0270 - Cylinder 4, injector circuit low

P0445 - Evaporative emissions system purge control valve circuit shorted.

P0037 - Heated oxygen sensor heater control circuit low. Bank 1, sensor 2.

P0416 - Secondary air injector relay A malfunction.

I stopped at another Advanced Auto for a "second opinion" by checking the codes again. The same codes came up. But after I left that store the Check Engine light went off and has stayed off.

Does anyone know what is going on?



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They may have cleared the codes. Some will do that. My usual go-to for code descriptions fails me on these.
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