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Multiple issues

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Hey, everyone!

I had an issue with Beauty this morning.

Drove her about ten miles and had to slow down in traffic. When she got moving again, the engine started skipping and running rough. The check engine light started flashing and the I think she went into limp mode because she would hardly move. Drove about three blocks or so to an Advance Auto and checked her with their computer.

The computer came back with several things:

1) Random cylinder misfires.
2) Misfire cylinder 4
3) Misfire cylinder 1
3) P1255 code that the computer had no DTC definition for.

After all of that, she started up again and drive back home perfectly. (We grabbed my mom's truck to do the stuff we wanted and needed to do.)

Btw, when I restarted her to get the codes, the check engine light stopped flashing and went to steady on. It has stayed on as did not clear the codes in case I needed to have a mechanic work on her.

Getting back home, I looked up the P1255 code and it refers to coolant sensor/thermostat issues and I can't figure out how this all might be connected. I am wondering/hoping if this might have been a fluke with nothing more to worry about, or if something with the coolant sensor/thermostat might have caused the engine misfire and need replacing.

Anyone got any ideas about could be going on?

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17663/P1255 - Ross-Tech Wiki

A bad coolant sensor; can cause a rough idle and hard start in the morning (when cold). Go ahead; fix that problem, that way you can eliminate that variable out of your troubleshooting process.

The miss fire; maybe a bad coil pack or other issues (wires, wiring, plugs, fuel, etc): please post ALL the codes that you pulled and we can try to help, further. Many here with the 2.0L; seem to have problems with the coil pack having hairline cracks. Spraying with water; to see if that affects how it runs, is one technique people have mentioned (to confirm if pack is cracked). What scanner or software (e.g. VCDS) are you using; it sounds like you do not have access to one (e.g. you had it scanned at Advance Auto)?
Thanks for getting back to me, Billy. I had an extraordinary opportunity to have a mechanic work on Beauty and he replaced the coil pack. There was a hairline crack in the base of the unit that was causing problems. The coolant level was down just a tiny bit and he thinks that was what caused the P1255 code.

He also recommended I replace the plugs, wires, timing belt and water pump, so, if anyone has any recommendations for spark plugs and a comprehensive timing belt kit, I'd appreciate it. :)
NGK is oem BKUR6ET-10 # (available most anywhere; unique plug with 3 side electrodes) and blauparts, has some nice timing belt kits:

Audi Parts - Vw Parts - Audi Parts Vw Parts Kit Company - Blauparts

NGK Spark Plugs USA

On the P1255 code: read the link, it is "short to ground"; which is a failure. Most of the time it is the coolant temp. sensor is bad; it is a inexpensive part and easy to replace. Other times; it is the plug or wiring going to the sensor; I have had both issues, sensor failing and one of the wires, on my plug broke off (requiring the wiring ends be replaced; I replaced the plug, as well for insurance). The plug and wires; are available, from your local VW dealer, in the parts dept. The sensor; you can get anywhere, you might call around for prices and it may not be too expensive from your dealer, as well (make sure to replace the o-ring).

17663/P1255 - Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit (G62): Short to Ground

Possible Symptoms
Difficulties with starting a cold engine.
Diesel: an indication is extreme long time burning time of the glow indication light.
Starting the engine when engine is warmish or warm, idle rpm immediately is 1200 - 3000 rpm.
RPM at idle is irregular.
With all engine temperatures seldom idle rpm will vary between 900 - 1000 rpm.
With engine warm (90 °C) the engine temperature suddenly drops (70 °C) and slowly comes back to 90 °C.
Bad acceleration during warming up.
Possible Causes
Wiring and/or connections faulty
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62) faulty
Possible Solutions
Check wiring and connections
Check / Replace Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62)
Special Notes
In MY 1995-2002 (?) in Europe at VW-cars the G2/G62 had the bad reputation of breaking down often. The default G2/G62 is black and all replacements are green.
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Once again, thank you very much, Billy. I'll be calling around for those parts you recommended tomorrow, when the VW dealerships are open. :)
No problem; please, keep us informed on the progress of your repair process and end result.

It seems you don't have a VW type scanner; I really recommend, that you get one... even if it is a cheap one to read codes. They are not expensive: check out these on amazon:

VAG405 ($30)

Amazon.com: vag 405: Automotive

VAG VS450 (newer version of the above: $50)

Amazon.com: VS450: Automotive

If you get serious; about doing repairs yourself: VCDS is the industry standard, 1000 lb. gorilla that can do pretty much do everything a VW scan tool, from the dealerships do ($250-$350).

Ross-Tech Store: VCDS

More info here:


Lastly, even the cheapest scanners; will save you allot of money, help us help you fix your car and not make you so reliant on a mechanic/shop to scan your car (many charge $$ just for a scan; much less diagnostic or repair work). If you keep this VW; for any amount of time, you will end up having another check engine light and need to know what the trouble codes are! Get a scan tool; asap! :)
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