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Thought id share my current ongoing project :)

First I decided id take care of a few things..
I had misfires and poor MPG... not reaching boost... I checked for leaks couldn't find any... So I decided to change the spark plugs... Funnels had pools of oil in them.. .so decided to change valve cover gasket and since the valve cover is off might as well have it painted... I had it powder coated red, I myself wrinkle painted the hotpipe and intake manifold since I had to wait for the valve cover to be done... Still waiting on coil packs but I got plugs in also changed out my injectors for the Green giants, removed SAI and N249 waiting on Urotuning to send resistors for simpler cleaner install...I don't want to hack up my harness and I don't have sodering tools..
I have Gonzos stage 2... Ran insane the first day then I had issues with ignition components so haven't been able to enjoy the tune yet... After removing the SAI and N249 ive gotten a Cel for reverse flow detected... he didn't delete it from the ECU coding.. DO NOT THINK THAT JUST BY PUTING THE RESISTOR IT WONT EFFECT YOUR CARS PERFORMANCE... IT WILL!!

The SAI basicly leans out the mixer to make the O2 happy.. removing the SAI the O2 no longer sees the correct flow BOOM CEL.. SOME say it only runs upon start up NO! it doesn't... Atleast it didn't on my car... I have heard the SAI kick on well after the car was at normal temps while at a light.. So I know for sure on my car it ran even after start up...

so make sure if you don't want the cel for the SAI after you've removed it all you ask your tuner to remove the Coding from the ECU.... GONZO hasn't done it for me so im on his ass about it through Facebook... The car ran great tho the first day.. My boost guage maxed out at 20psi so not sure how much boost it spiked too but I held 20 psi up until about 5k then it creeped down to about 18 towards the 6000-7000 rpms but mind you I was dogging the **** out of it to make sure I got the tune... any who... if you guys got any questions please feel free to ask, comments welcome criticism as well lol..

Samco Tip
440cc Green Giant Inj.
Baileys motorsports DV
High Flow mani
3 inch DP to 2.5 Ansa exhaust
Solid dog bone mounts
Gonzo Stage 2

Soon to come
Ko4 001
Ecs pulleys
Fuel rail
BFI Solid motormounts
Samco boost hoses
Front mount or Golf Gti IC
All AN fittings and Braided Hoses possible...

further on down the road
High flow Intake Mani with 80mm TB

WHY? cause I want to, I like how it'll all look and im sure no matter how little or how much power gain itll give me ill be happy with what ive done...


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You have the whole Samco hose kit? I've been looking for an silicone solution for the hose that goes from the DV to the hotpipe. I thought Forge was the only one that made one, but it looks Samco makes you buy the whole kit anyway..

Either way. Engine bay looks nice. Keep up the good work! :thup:

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Nice job!
I like it too. I'd like YELLOW please.
Keep those pix coming.


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Thanks everyone been a while since I posted.... Samco does make a kit for the aph motor its just harder to find since the aph wasn't around long I guess but the dv to hot pipe is from an awp, that comes in a samco awp kit I bought off eBay for $80. The tb/ intercooler pipe doesn't fit neither does the turbo to hot pipe , but the dv/hotpipe and lower ic coupler does. I never got around to order the aph kit simply cause its about $280 and so far I've only found it in UK.. Some us sellers have it but its almost as much as the UK...

The tip you can find all around. Ecs has them they're all the same except for the size of the hockey puck. I've noticed just about anything that fits the awp will fit our cars asking as we upgrade to the awp parts. The intercooler/tb pipe im sure would fit if I swapped to a golf awp intercooler. The turbo to hot pipe in sure would fit if I swaped out this pansy baby k03 to an s or k04..

Lol sure I'll do your intake manifolds, hotpipe or valve covers lol mail them in with at least $100 bucks to cover material and a prepaid return label... Along with color option and allow at least two, three weeks turn around..

Or... Find the wrinkle color u want, clean prep and paint it your self ;9

The valve cover was too filthy I didn't wanna deal with it so had that done by a pro..

Up untill today only thing I've done since is the PVC system made everything to AN fittings and hoses. Eventually I'll add a catch can, also replaced the baileys dv with a forge 007. I did install an rp? K04 off ecs which I blew the same day somehow.. Not sure if it had anything to do with the 15psi ago wastegate or the baileys dv not functioning properly but yea getting home from a 48-50 mile drive it just decided to be a cloud maker.. Haven't had it rebuilt, on another note tho lol I have a k03s that someone swaped out and gave me but it has play in the shaft so won't be using that either lol... Any who... Current status of car is .. All of the above and wraped in matte black with carbon hood,roof and trunk...
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