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the headgasket blew! (I posted this on the old forum but here are some new details about my overheated 2001 2.0 GLS w/40,000 miles)...

The headgasket was replaced and the head was reshaped (it was warped by 6/1000ths (?)) and since everything is open (and I know about the lovely plastic impellar on the water pump) I'm having my water pump (w/a metal impellar) added and timing belt replaced.

My warranty (thank GOD) is paying for the head related repairs, but I have a few questions...

1-Would you think $400 is an average price to replace the water pump and timing belt (all inclusive - that is my quote for it)?

2-He said all of the parts are actually fine (I'm doing this as premedative maintenance) including my tensioner, so considering this...I can still leave the original tensioner in right?

Thanks again!!!

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It's awesome that it's done under warranty!

As for the price quote, i think that's a really good deal, if the car wasnt alreadt all torn apart, it would cost probably double that.
As for the tensioner, i'd say you should probably replace it unless your one of those nut jobs that like to repalce the timing belt every 60k.

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Is that $400 for parts and labor? If not, sounds a bit high. Consider that they had to take the timing belt off to remove the head, and will have to replace it when done. What matter if it is the original, or a new one? At this point all they have to do is replace the water pump (just a few bolts), and the tensioner (another couple of bolts). The whole front of the motor should be exposed at this point making it an easy install.

Also consider replacing the serpentine belt at this time too.
Also, be sure that the coolant gets changed along with the water pump. By now most of the old coolant should have been drained out.

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Quote for parts to change timing belt, ect.

The last quote I have from my VW dealer dated 2/04/04 is as follows...
Water Pump...$83.09, Tooth belt(timing belt)$51.94
roller on tensioner, $88.18.. I believe this roller is attached to a new tensioner... One gallon of G-12 VW antifreeze $16.62 Total parts come to about $239.83.
Labor was quoted at 5 hours @$78.00 per hour, total $390.00
Labor per hour is now at $95.00 an hour at my dealer. It is now a $475.00 labor charge with shop supplies costing about $20.00.
A reasonable current quote should be about $300.00 for parts
Labor cost should be about $475.00 to $500.00 as of 9/05. It is now going to cost about $795 to $800.00 not including tax.
For the parts you would need it should be about $350.00 with a few extra parts like seals, or anything else thats required by VW. Your $400.00 quote was not far off and may be the exact cost you would pay for parts at the current costs with tax..
Good Luck and make sure you are totally familiar with a few quirks that are a part of changing the timing belt and water pump, esp. regarding setting engine at TDC as VW states and a few others. JK
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