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My first Beetle! 2010 new, what do you think?!

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Fell in love with this little guy!:) pictures from at the dealership)
Currently have black vinyl covering the white sides, trying to decide... how do you think the white looks?


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Looks great and a nice throwback with the old beetle rims.
Diggin the retro look:bigthumb:!

Welcome to the org- please don't be a stranger.
I love the theme. Retro is in. And the wheels with the white walls, just complete the whole package. I dig it!
Absolutely adorable & I certainly wouldn't cover up those side panels, they look great!

I like your Bug very much :) Rims and tires are cool.
Post more pics please...

Welcome to the org and greetings from Finland!
I, too, like the retro look! :D
No normal a fan of the white sides but ur beautiful beetle pulls it off great:D:D
And I luv ur rim
I like it! I'm not trying to rag on your ride, but the only thing in MY opinion (not that mine matters) is with the white wall tires, it gives the illusion that the wheels are bigger than they are, which exaggerates the wheel gap making it look raised. I love the wheels and the white walls, but just looks like it needs a little trimmage on suspension height. I love the white sides and wouldn't cover it up. Not hard to see why you liked it so much:cool:
:)Welcome to the ORG!!

Cool Beetle,

Happy Driving,

I think he is adorable!! go for it :D:D you will love him!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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