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My New 2008 Beetle and my old 99 Beetle

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My '99 Beetle and My new 2008 Platnium Beetle


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NICE !! :goodjob:
:)Awesome!!!! Very cool Bugs!!!!

Happy driving!!!

Love the Tinting on both.

Welcome to the .org! You have got nice Bugs :)

I have also 2 Beetles; a Classic Typ 1 and a New Beetle.
I love them both :D
There you are! We've been waiting for you! :lol:

Not to many Platinum Gray 08's. Your is very special. :)

Welcome to the Org! :wave2:
What's with the tint on the 99? It looks really weird.

its a fade tint...the lines are the reflection from my house
Sweet beetles, love the Platnium
I really like the Platinum, makes me wish I had the black interior.
yeah i love the black leather...thanks
Platinum grey is a handsome color for sure--but why don't they call it pewter? Platinum is LIGHT grey.
hmmmmmmmmmm. Love White Beetles !:):):) What a nice luxury to have 2 Beetles ! Wow !
Since you have both, whats your review vs. a 2008 and a 1999? I test drove a newer beetle once, and it drove way better than my '99 =)
yes the '08 is much faster on take off and is a smoother ride.
Some new pics

Added a new 3rd brake light cover and tinted plate cover


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:bigthumb:. Very nice additions! Where did you get your third brake light? Links?
i see if i still have his e-mail.
i can't find his e-mail but he sells on ebay but can't sell beetle because VW won't let him so go to ebay and search for 3rd brake light covers and find seller econodeals and you'll have to e-mail him and ask if he'll sell you one.
1 - 20 of 180 Posts
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