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My New 2008 Beetle and my old 99 Beetle

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My '99 Beetle and My new 2008 Platnium Beetle


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Yay!!! Congrads!!:):):):) Was it at a VW show or an all make show?!?!
Thanks...it was an all make show
Yay another new beetle that going to all make shows!!! :):):):):)
I understand that there use to being about 5 VW shows here in Texas but now sadly now only one remains :( but there 2 vw show out of town. I take Laycee to alot of all make show too when I can
Wow congratulations Scott!! I'm guessing car show season already started where ur at? Down here it didn't start back up till March here :-(

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Oo okay well cool!! I was just told yesterday one car show starts back up on Saturday!!!

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1 - 5 of 180 Posts
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