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My New 2008 Beetle and my old 99 Beetle

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My '99 Beetle and My new 2008 Platnium Beetle


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:bigthumb:. Very nice additions! Where did you get your third brake light? Links?
Sweet!! I love the license plate frame light. Where did you pick that up at?
i got the plate frame at pep boys for about $30
That's a pretty friggin sweet mod mang. And a quick one to do too:). I'm considering it:rolleyes:
Just bought these for my Beetle,can't wait to get them on.
Interesting. So how are you gonna lay these bad boys out? Looking forward to seeing the end result. Good luck buddy:bigthumb:
I like em. As long as you're happy with them, that's whats important, but yeah, i'm diggin them- big fan of the 5 spokes:D.
Diggin that pic big time.

Oh how I want to get Cup in that shot... one day:bigthumb:
Big congrats Scott! Always knew your beetle was award-winning:bigthumb:
Sweet pics mang:bigthumb:

BTW, that black air-cooled bug with the buttercup treatment looks pretty schweet:cool:
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Thanks...yeah it is here is a better pic of it
:jawdrop: WOW! I'm in love:heart: Do you know who owns that bug? I'd like to get a hold of them, give em some props.... maybe even make my way up there one day for a photo shoot:cool:
diggin those pics Scott! You can't go wrong with beetle shots at an abandoned warehouse/plant- choice:bigthumb:
Ah man! The Beetle is looking silky smooth dude. Love the 18's as well as the stance. And the glow never disappoints.

Great look Scott :bigthumb:
1 - 16 of 180 Posts
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