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Well, Last night at around 6pm, I ordered my new In dash Cd player from http://www.crutchfield.com and wasn't really expecting it to get here until Friday or even Monday....To my surprise it's getting here tomarrow...by 5 pm! Woot! So, guess what I"M doing this weekend? You got it...

Here's a pic...nothing fancy, just something to play CD's in... already have an amp and crossovers installed from my last system....

Pioneer performance can be incredibly affordable — and the DEH-1700 CD receiver is living proof of that! For a low price, it delivers four channels of clean power (20 watts RMS per channel) to make your CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs sound great.
Radio your thing? Pioneer's famous Supertuner IIID pulls in your favorite stations with remarkable clarity. The digital processing offers even better station-grabbing selectivity and more spacious stereo sound.
To enhance the sound, you also get bass and treble boost. Three preset settings come from the factory, and you can save one more custom setting. A set of preamp outputs is available for hooking up a powered subwoofer. The detachable faceplate's display is backlit in blue so it's easy to see, even in sunlight.
» CD receiver with built-in amplifier (20 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels) » detachable face with backlit blue and white display » plays CD-Rs and CD-RWs » Supertuner IIID » bass/treble boost settings (three preset, one custom) » 18 FM/6 AM presets » rear preamp outputs » clock » CD frequency response 5-20,000 Hz » CD signal-to-noise ratio 94 dB » FM sensitivity 8 dBf » warranty: 1 year » Want more peace of mind? Extended Service Plans Available
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