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My New Pink 2000 GLS beetle!

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Hello! I'm new! I just bought a 2000 GLS New Beetle to replace my 97 Ford Probe which is falling apart. I have wanted a beetle since before I could drive, and I have browsed these forums for a long time dreaming of the day I'd find one I could afford to buy. Well...long story short I got a green one for $4000 with 62K miles in excellent condition (except that the green paint had faded to white in areas) from a private seller. (In my area for the same year and HIGHER miles, they were selling on lots for $7600- $9995!). Then a friend of my mom's painted it pink for me for $600! He is a professional and gave me a really sweet deal! I love my car! Here are some pictures:

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lol nice bugs, my wifey loves the paint on both of them.
Welcome to the Org! It does look like you did well on the new paint job. Thanks for posting the pictures and post more when you get the chance. Hope to see you around. Welcome again! :)
Welcome welcome! It's such a pretty color!!! Be sure and get us some more pictures!! What do you plan on doing with it (there are tons of hints on how to customize your beetle)???
What are you going to name him/her???

More details and more pictures!:clap:
Welcome to the org. Wooo,,, that is pink, but a pretty pink.

Your going to love it here:wave3::clap:

What a happy-looking NB. Great paint job, and what a deal!!:)

That pink and interior tan look like they were always meant to be together.

Much happiness with your new pink Beetle.
:wave: Hi!! Welcome to the Org!!

AND congrats on your pink baby! Can't wait to see more pics!!

Welcome and congrats on the great deal :banana: the pink looks really good, they did an awesome job, you'd never know it wasnt factory if you didn't know any better!!! MORE PICS PLEASE!!!!!
I love it Welcome!
Critics, I love the color, soft pink, right? I love the softer pink colors. I love the wheels too. I like having the VW on them too. I have that on mine also. I love the VW emblem.
That's a cute color. :D
I'm jealous!
Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I plan to eventually get some daisy rims, "eye lids", seat covers, etc. :) Ps..love that sparkly pink bug!
Your rims are just right! Love the VW ones, that is why I keep mine.
It is lovely - both cars posted on the thread are - you had a great deal there. Cars in the UK are much more £££. The paint definately looks factory fitted and lots of fun! Enjoy!!
LOVE the pink cars! I wanted a pink New Beetle. I called the dealership and asked if they were going to make a pink one. The salesman said, "God, I hope not!" Can you beleive that?! I am SO GLAD that you made yours pink!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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