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My New Pink 2000 GLS beetle!

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Hello! I'm new! I just bought a 2000 GLS New Beetle to replace my 97 Ford Probe which is falling apart. I have wanted a beetle since before I could drive, and I have browsed these forums for a long time dreaming of the day I'd find one I could afford to buy. Well...long story short I got a green one for $4000 with 62K miles in excellent condition (except that the green paint had faded to white in areas) from a private seller. (In my area for the same year and HIGHER miles, they were selling on lots for $7600- $9995!). Then a friend of my mom's painted it pink for me for $600! He is a professional and gave me a really sweet deal! I love my car! Here are some pictures:

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600 bucks for a paint job??? and a very well done job at that- good for you:clap:

And that is a nice pink you have too. I know you're very proud of your beetle- enjoy it for many years to come:)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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