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Heya all..
Well heres my thread from the old forums:

To summarize, I was having a problem getting a new remote to sync with my beetle. Actually all new remotes would work, but each one would just replace the old one. So I would constantly have 1 working remote, but I could never ADD one, they would just switch for each other.

So towards the end there was a suggestion for a resolution.. with a twist and it worked..

eventually I was led to this thread:
which has some info on the Vag tool proceedure for this.

So it in the end it has something to do with my car being 'full' of remotes. Apparently there is a max of 4 for a normal car. I had certainly been through that many. So the proceedure with the vag tool helps to resolve this.

Now heres the twist I mentioned. So mine for some reason wasnt happy with a limit of 4. It was stuch on a limit of 1. So any new remote I tried to add would replace the old one because of that limit. The proceedure was looking in the right place with the vag tool, but the value of '1' key just would not allow itself to be set to anything but '1'. (values from 1-4 SHOULD have been acceptable.)

So after messing with that for a while.. I found that if you up the list of channels (if you look at the proceedure you can see what Im talking about.) To channel 1, then back to channel 0 again, the VAG offers to reset all the values to factory default by hitting 'save'. ..did this, and then the values in channel 1 were changeable. ..from there out just followed the proceedure, again, and it worked.

..also just for general info.. we can also use the higher channels to change whether we beep or not upon locking the car, the lights blink or not on locking and unlocking seperately, whether it automatically relocks or - reunlocks (not sure what this one is)- seperately. So if you were ever unhappy with those settings...

Theres also something about changing the alarm which is currently on 'european stand' which I have no idea on either, but might change the beep pattern, but thats a guess.

..anyway now happily using my 2+ remotes. ..just thought I would post the resolution in case someone else has the problem.

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Much appreciated

Guess what. I was having the same problem and searched the forums high and low for a solution (the search engine leaves a bit to be desired). I found your old thread that got hijacked but that did not help. I searched your posts and found this. Thank you for finalizing. I plan to print your post and take it to the dealer next week when he will be programming the immobilizer in the keys. The used car lot bought me one remote (with pre-cut key) and it programmed fine so then I bought one with matching #s on eBay ($20 incl shipping) and a blank key ($11 incl shipping) I thought I was all set only to have the same problem of only one remote wanting to communicate with the car. I also bought an Alientech window controller so showing how to turn off the horn beeps will be nice because to use the controller you are pushing the buttons lots.

Anyway, Thank you very much for following up on your earlier posts.
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