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Here's some shots of the new ride. Notice I did my first mod: added the red stripe around the center console to mimic the stripe in the grille. Enjoy!


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hey, it's my car's twin! hehe...looks great, like the stripe on the first mod was debadging the trunk. time to go give mine its second bath in a week lol...:D

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FWIW, here's some feedback I sent into AutoWeek on my GLI:

My 2006 Volkswagen GLI: Can lightning strike twice?

2006 GLI
Current Mileage: 2431
Purchased: Sept. 22nd
Sticker price: $27,790
Includes Options: Pkg 2 ($3200) and Monster Mats and Trunk Liner ($185)
Negotiated price: $26,000 (includes $500 loyalty bonus from VW) PLUS negotiated clear rear bumper protector (as well as additional summer tires: more on that below).

As I’m pulling off the lot in my brand new GLI this past September 22nd, I can’t help but wonder “Can lightning strike twice for me and VW?” As the proud owner of an almost completely trouble free 1998 New Beetle, I am hesitant to think I can have the same luck with the new car. From hearing all of the horror stories from friends, family, and on the internet with recent VW quality I am more than wary of what can happen with the purchase of any new VW.

My fears were erased with one drive in this car. I was in love. Power, handling, good looks, high quality materials, wonderful features, and extremely practical; could there be a more perfect car? To spare you from an outrageously long letter, here are my bulleted “highs” and “lows.”

--Power: The new 2.0T FSI engine is phenomenal. Purrs like a kitten around town, growls like a tiger when needed. Smooth, quiet, and better gas mileage than my 98 New Beetle!
--Handling: I love German cars, especially their handling. I always thought my Beetle was fun to drive, but it is a complete slouch compared to the independent rear suspension on the GLI. I go hunting for curves and feel disappointed on crowded on-ramps. The car rides smooth and firm, but not too firm. I cringe to think how the optional 18” wheels affect the ride.
--Styling: I constantly get compliments on the car! “THAT’S a VW!?” one guy asked me. I’ve had more than one person tell me my car is sexy. It reminds of the scene from Shrek 2 where Donkey turns into the white stallion; the GLI is the powerful horse compared to the donkey-like dowdy standard Jetta. The front end is aggressive and stylish.
--Interior: One car magazine put it best; the car has the steering wheel of the Gods! Rich leather, brushed alloy, bolstered comfy supportive seats; the interior sold me.
--Features: Small things like the sunglass holder, the 3-blink lane change feature on the turn signals, the trunk lid that opens on it’s own, the easy to fold down rear seatbacks (no need to raise the seat bottom up anymore or remove the headrests!), the grocery bag hooks in the trunk, the mute button on the steering wheel for the stereo, I could go on and on.
--Dealership experience: This is the second car I’ve purchased from Fred Vincent Mazda VW. This was the first GLI they have sold. The sales process was quick, painless, and professional. One rather strange item with the GLI though is the “optional” summer performance tires. The car came equipped with these tires; I requested the all-season rubber when negotiating the purchase (as well as the bumper protector). Through conversations between the dealership and “VW” (they did not clarify with me if this was VWoA or just a regional rep) the company agreed to swap out the summer tires for the all-seasons. As a result, the dealership decided to throw in the summer rubber as well stating they have no use for the tires.

Admittedly, not much
--On switch for heated mirrors: I hate that you must turn the mirror-adjust switch to activate the heating element. Why can’t the mirrors heat when you turn on the rear defrost like most other cars? Even my salesman warned me to always check to see that the mirrors are turned off so to reduce the likelihood that they burn out.
--The dimming lever for the rear view mirror: On the few occasions I’ve needed to dim the rearview mirror I’ve noticed it tilts the mirror too far leaving me with a reflection of the sunroof. I have to pull the switch only ¾ of the way to be able to see the SUV with the high beams on behind me.
--The “nagging” of the windshield washer reminder: this drives me nuts. When the washer fluid is getting low, can’t the car flash the alert two or three times at start-up instead of popping up every 10 seconds until you refill it!?
--Lack of power seats
--Spongy brake feel from time to time. This makes me nervous as I have read recently on the internet of an occurrence of brake failure from one owner.

A few final observations
I am interested to see how my dealership handles service; this is another VW issue. In the past with my Beetle, service was always quick, accurate, and the price was at or below what I was quoted. From reading all of the horror stories on the internet from other owners I hope my dealership’s service hasn’t slipped in quality. Once my warranty expired I did seek independent service on the Beetle, so it has been some time since taking the car in for service. I wonder if the dealership will ever offer loaner cars.

Along those lines, VW is marketing the Jetta as “all grown up….sort of.” From this I believe they hit their mark with this car. I am 32 years old and was looking for exactly that: an “adult” car that doesn’t skimp on fun and performance. The car feels more expensive than the $26K I paid for it. I also considered the Audi A3, the A4, the new Passat, Pontiac G6, Mazda 6 5 door, and even the Malibu Maxx. The Audis were too expensive when optioned how I wanted, the Passat wasn’t available in a manual transmission (other than the “Value Edition”), the Pontiac was too plasticky (but man has GM made strides in this area! I was impressed by this car), the Mazda felt like an older design (I was worried that a redesign in the next few years would make me feel like I was driving an “old car”) and the Malibu, while incredibly practical, was far too basic. The GLI seems to be in a class by itself.

As far as quality, there are three issues I must bring up as well. While none of these cause me any major concern, I feel compelled to paint a complete picture of ownership. These issues are on par with what I experienced with my Beetle, and I consider that car trouble-free.
1. The washer fluid hose was not fully connected when the car was built. When showing my coworkers the headlight washers on my brand new car, imagine my surprise when the washer fluid leaked out completely all over the parking lot at our office. I went home that night, removed the (fake) air intake grille below the passenger headlight, fished around a bit and discovered the loose fitting. I popped the hose back on, felt and heard a firm “CLICK!” and the connection has been fine since.
2. The antenna for the XM stereo was also not installed correctly. My free 3 month membership has expired, so this is not an issue for me at this time, but if I choose to subscribe to the service I will need the dealership to fix the problem. When in service the readout read “ANTENNA” and would not display the name of the XM station. This does not affect the terrestrial stations.
3. The fuel door has intermittently failed to latch. The latch itself seems to become stuck in the “open” position. This could be due to the fact that it needs some sort lubricant or perhaps the spring to return it to the “closed” position might not be strong enough.

That’s about all. Sorry for the length of the letter; I just really love this car and want others to know how great an automobile it truly is. My contact information is below, should you need it. Thank you for reading it and thank you for the wonderful work you do with AutoWeek!

Christopher XXXXXXXX
3729 Street
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121
Daytime phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

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Got Wood ?:spit: :lol: I never took a picture of it but i hauled patio block in the back of my 86 jetta i had :) helped take the bounce away from the wore out struts :rotfl:
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