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NB warning chime not working,anyone replace it?

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2001 NB TDI, 240k miles. I bought it new and sold it to a friend recently. The warning chime that tells you the headlights are on, seatbelt undone, freezing, and low fuel stopped working.

I read several threads about door switches, but all of the interior lights work. I used VAG COMM to check the instruments and did the output tests and got no noise when I got to the chime test.

I found one thread where the chime had failed, and the entire cluster was replaced under warranty. Has anyine replaced the chime before? Anyone have a bad cluster that can send me the noise maker?

I read that the Golf's and Jetta's have a noise make in the relay panel, but apparently for the Beetle it's in the cluster.
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Chime doesn't work on wife's car, either. We bought it with 10k, less than one year old, and it was mint. I've always assumed it was disabled by the dealer. I've got VagCom, someday I'll test the function to see if it works.
With VAG COMM open the Instrumentation controller, then select output tests. Checks the analog gage sweep, warning lights in two combinations, red high temp, and warning "gong" is what they call it. I get nothing for the gong.
I rejoiced in the day my chime stopped working. And the same goes for the daytime running lights!

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