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NBC dilema

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Hello everybody. My girlfriend just purchased a 2014 Beetle which is an upgrade from her 2005 NBC. She decided to keep the car because it has a lot of sentimental value to her, and its in such bad condition I don't think she will get much money for it. The car has about 92xxx miles on it but has been seriously neglected. It surprisingly still runs and runs pretty good. Problems off the top of my head:

Roof leaks and leaks BAD
Top doesn't go all the way down
Driver side window doesn't work
One head light doesn't work
The other headlight pops out a little but works
Blinks don't work (she said wiring issue in the back)
No leather Upholstery
Trunk and gas cap buttons on driver door don't work
No cool A/C but still blows
Check engine light (might be idle issue, not 100% sure)
Door panels falling off

I signed up to ask you guys what I should do with this beautiful car in my garage. I would love to keep it and try to fix it up, but how much of time and money will be needed to do so? Would it be worth it or should I just try and sell it for whatever I can get?

I'll be happy to answer any questions and sorry I don't have pictures, but if anyone wants I'll provide.

Thank you so much and I look forward to being active on here if I decided to go for the restore.

TL;DR NBC has A LOT of problems. Should I try to restore or get rid of it?
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How about essential maintenance? Have the timing belt and water pump ever been replaced? If not, the car is a ticking time bomb and if the belt breaks, it will cause serious internal engine damage ($$$).

As for the known issues, they're going to be a bit costly, especially if you don't do them yourself. My biggest concern would be the convertible top which sounds like it needs to be completely replaced to be functional again. That's the biggest "feature" of the car, so it's going to be a problem if you try to sell the car and it's clearly broken.

The CEL could be anything. You can get that scanned for free at most auto parts stores. If you post the codes here, you might be able to get some knowledgeable replies about possible causes.

A/C could be any number of things to a leak in the system to a bad compressor. No telling what that will cost to fix without getting it properly diagnosed.
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