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Finally decided I would go ahead and post a collective of pics of my bugs.
Have not decided on offical names yet (about 7 years at this point), but they will come to me soon.
Short story on the first bug:
Only had a few bolt on's and was at 174whp/245wtq. Added a rear sway bar and went to test it out. Hit a sharp corner I was used to and the rear tires hopped and shifted over and I found the side of a bridge. RIP.

Bug #2
I got her used with 54k miles already. Did the dyno run the following weekend while still stock and got 145whp/174wtq, so I have a good starting point to mod her out. Shortly I got and installed a Matting body kit.

Then came the bolt on's and other performance toys.

Everything was going good but now I needed some beat in the car. To start off with gotta have a good source unit.

Then some speakers.....

and of course some power to push them.


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Decided since I was adding weight to the car I needed to shed a little somewhere else so I got a CF hood. I am missing the front and rear valances from earlier thanks to some of Houston's wonderful roads.


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Next came the spoiler. I had been looking at a lot of spoilers and liked some and not others. I finally found the one I wanted... and well I got it and it is now on the car.
Since it is a 'suddle' spoiler and it does 'not draw attention', I am very happy with it. Despite the size it does not interfere with the rear vision. Only issue, after thought, is that I have to open the trunk to get gas.


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My stock interior was nice, but the seats were just too flat for my style of driving and I also wanted to give the car more character and color. I came across an awsome deal for a CC interior. While everyone else in Houston was packing their cars to go sit on I-10 to get away from Rita, my roommate and I were busy swapping out my interior.

(I will re-post some more pics once I clean the interior)


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Of course I have had a few problems here and there due to aftermarket parts and pushing other to the limit and beyond. I now have 4 tranny's to choose from, 3 sets of drive shafts, 2 motors, and a bunch of misc parts. My most rescent problem was melting 3 pistons.

I am in the process of rebuilding the motor from teh bottom up. The bottom end has been increased to 1.9, bored out. And the rotating mass has been decreased by about 30%.


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Current break down of mods and stuff......

Cosmetic Mods:
*VIS carbon fibre hood
*Hood cowl
*17x7.5 Borbet Type S (current)
*H&R 5mm spacers (rear)
*Clear front turn signals (going away)
*Clear rear markers
*European Blue/White badges
*Clear third brake light
*JP side skirts
*ECS Stubby antenna
*R32 pedals
*Rear spoiler (forgot mfg.)
*Blue CC interior
*Autometer triple CF gauge pod
-Autometer CF Air/Fuel
-Autometer CF Boost
-Autometer CF EGT
*Mattig front grill (going away)
*Euro rear fog light
*Votex roof rack
*'Volkswagen Racing' banner on roof and windshield
*Strictly Foreign Cup from bumper (being installed)
*Valve cover powder coated (soon)
*Intake manifold powder coated (soon)
*Black w/silver eBrake cover
*Black w/silver Turbo S 5-speed shift boot
*6000K HID kit (in the works)
*Aftermarket headlights (Joey modded with LED)
*LED lite bud vase (blue)
*LED under dash accents (blue)

Performance Mods:
*Autotech polyurethane dogbone mount bushings
*Techtonics Tuning 2.5" cat-back (minus muffler)
*APR 2.5" downpipe with high-flow cat
*Forge 007 DV
*TT 225 front brake conversion
*Braided Stainless Brake Lines
*EBC Red Stuff Pads
*H&R sport springs
*GLI Bilstein Sport Struts
*AGX adjustable rear shocks
*Neuspeed 25mm front swaybar
*ATP manifold
*235-45-17 BFGoodrich KDW2
*Turbo S fender liner
*APR 93oct/97oct flash (to be replaced with the ATP ECU for the GTRS kit)
*VW Motorsport motor mounts
*ModShack TTDA intake (being replaced)
*Samco Turbo Inlet Hose (going away and may be up for sale)
*Bildon race drive shafts (in the works)
*2.0 5-speed transmission (current)
*GTI 180hp transmission with Quaif LSD (being rebuilt)
*R32 Lower Control Arm Bushings
*Autotech VR6 lighten flywheel and stage II clutch kit (for now)
*Dieselgeek shift kit (going away)
*Samco upper IC pipe
*JE Forged 82mm lightweight pistons (301g)
*Eurosport race connecting rods (475g)
*GTI 180hp reworked head (may be replacing with a reworked Passat head)
*ATP GTRS turbo upgrade

Other Mods:
*European light switch
*Optima yellow top battery
*A'PEXi turbo timer
*Schroth QuickFit 4-point

I.C.E. Mods:
*Clarion VRX935VD Multimedia Source unit
*Clarion Sirius tuner
*RF Fanatic Q 6.5" comps rear/front
*RF 3.5" mid added to dash to fill out Mosoon locations
*RF 4x100 for front and rear speakers
*RF bd1000pro for subs
*2-RF 12" Punch T1 subs
*Ported box for subs, taking up 95% in trunk and spare wheel well
*Monster cable interconnect cables
*Monster distribution block
*Monster 2ga high-end power cable (positive and ground)
*Dynamat lining trunk and around 6.5 speakers
*3- 1farad caps or 1- 20farad cap block (to be installed soon)
*Secondary Optima yellow top battery (pending how much of a headache it will be to install)

Near Future Mods:
*18 x 8" Mille Miglia Evo 5
*Factory upgraded alternator 120A
*Evolution intake manifold gasket
*Undercar LED light kit (replacing due to road damage)
*TT 225 steering rack conversion (it is being a unicorn tryign to find a good used one)
*Custom IC piping
*42draftdesigns MAP sensor flange
*3" turbo back 42DraftDesigns system
*ATP stage III or IV clutch kit

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:eek: That's a lot of work! :calvin:

Have fun! :D

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Yeah it will take a little while to but it back together. Between my buddy working a 7-4 shift and I work 1p-11p it does make it a little hard to work on it everyday. It will be a few hours here and there on weekends. I am hoping to be done in 3-4 weeks at this rate.

I don't remember where I got the spoiler from, I cannot find my email order recipe. But I found this which it the same one,

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cool thanks for the reply, is the wing really large since on the link it looks huge but on your car it is nicedr looking, is it similar to the beetle cup copies in size? Good luck! BTW do you know where I can find the plug that is in the headlamp of a turbo s (4 pin) I need one and the dealer cannot find it, thinks it belongs to the light and cannot be bought seperate!

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The spoiler is around the size of the cup spoiler, maybe a little wider. It follows the curve of the side of the car (front to back) and I barely see it in my side mirrors. From the rear view mirror it is at teh bottom of the rear window and does not effect the view. It was a little weird driving at night for a little bit. When I would hit the brakes the 3rd brake light would lite up the whole underside of the spoiler and it would catch my eye.

Most likely it is part of the headlight assembly and not sold by itself, but not 100% sure.

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Sweet, nice progression and you've picked up some really good aftermarket pieces (i.e. Bildon is the real deal)..

I'm subscribing to the thread, can't wait to see the install part.

Best of luck with everything, enjoy....TechnoTrix'd...:wave3:

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They will mostly be used for show and showing off. I will be using my Borbets for daily driving and autocross. I will be looking into getting carrying cases for them when they are not on the car.

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