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Okay so this post was crazy helpful http://newbeetle.org/forums/styling-modifications/53487-dashboard-covers.html#post769004

But I have a few additional questions.

First, type of vinyl - will merino vinyl withstand a car, particularly heat (I live in soCal)

I haven't seen anyone cover the whole dash, including the airbag. I have a gecko green metallic/tan convert and I would like to reduce the amount of black inside and make most of it tan, to match the rest of the interior. I am wondering if you cut out a piece of vinyl to fit over just the airbag, if it will still deploy okay. Obviously, it will be separate from the piece around the air bag.

I know I could paint it, but since the car's interior is leather, thought this would look nicer, plus painting is a pro job, the fabric I can do myself :)
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