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Need help - Detailed door measurement photos

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For anyone with a 2012-current Beetle:

Would very much like some assistance in getting some detailed door measurements and photos.

I'm in the market to get my first Beetle. My only issue is with this current generation interior door panel re-design.

the gap between the rounded corner of the driver side armrest and the speaker box doesn't allow my leg to lay comfortably.

I was thinking of getting that gap filled with some kind of foam treatment and have the doors re-upholstered.

Trying to get estimates, but since i don't have a car in hand, it's hard to quote a job without.

Was hoping the community might be able to get me photos with measurements.

As it stands now, i used these few photos as a reference: door - Imgur

what i would like to be able to present prospective custom shops are photos with a ruler/yardstick in place to show actual dimensions of various lengths and depths of the door and it's gap/pocket: example: http://i.imgur.com/VJjGgEk.jpg

Don't know if it would be possible to have each photo show a ruler/yardstick for actual lengths/heights.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
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