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Need help with CEL codes!

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I got my 2001 VW Beetle 2.0 5 Speed out on Sunday to go on a cruise. Before I had gone 2 blocks the CEL came on and the car seemed to loose power. Took the car back home and then it felt fine. Looked the codes up and they are 17704, 17549, 16990 and 16706. I know that the 17704 is cooling system and 16706 has to do with the engine speed sensor (G28). any help would be appreciated! I am getting sick and tired of all the CEL codes that I keep getting! This seems to be the worst car I have ever owned! I feel like I should just get all the codes solved and then sell the car!


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I second clearing them and seeing what comes back, some of them may have either fixed themselves. I also wouldn't fix it and sell it, unless it's constant fix clear cel over and over and over that is.
Thanks for the feedback. I have cleared the codes and will start driving the car again. I have never had this much trouble with a used car before. First it was MAF which I cleaned, next was cat converter which I had replaced, then shaking in the steering wheel when braking which required new rotors and brake pads and cooling system error and I purchased a new temperature sensor. The car would not start twice so I disabled the daytime running lights.
To be fair, its a 14 year old car. Any 14 year old car is going to have issues.
Guess I had unrealistic expectations about buying an old car and being able to cruise around in it without having mechanical issues. Every time I think about doing some appearance mods to the car more mechanical issues pop up! I would like to paint the top and maybe the hood mat black and put wheels and tires on it!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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