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Need help with pricing - PLEASE!

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If this is not the right forum to post this, I apologize in advance. I could really use some help/advice/wise wisdom from you Beetle experts. This is a little long, so bear with me.

My situation: My husband bought a 2004 Convertible Beetle for me last year, knowing it was going to be a project car and I fell in love. My husband passed away earlier this year before we could really get a chance to work on the beetle. The main issue with the beetle was that the transmission was bad and needed to be replaced (was told this by two mechanic shops on Maui plus I've done my research on the whole bad tranny/new beetle issues) I wound up moving from Maui to Missouri earlier this summer and before I left, spent about $3500 for a new (used) transmission and install. All seemed to be working well and about a week later, put the car on a boat to be shipped. A month later, car arrives and shortly thereafter, was having similar issues as when the transmission was bad (hard shifting, clunking noises, etc) but a family mechanic shop (whom I do trust) said the shifter needed to be replaced, that was the only code thrown. Spent about $650 for that to be replaced. A couple weeks later, hard shifting again and when I take it back to the mechanic, they tell me the transmission is bad (install seems to fine as far as they can tell, transmission itself is bad) and code comes back same, so needs to be replaced.

At this point, I've livid. The transmission company and the mechanic on Maui (after several weeks) both blame each other and neither will help me with this as I am no longer on the island and the warranty for the transmission was limited to 90 days. I put less than 600 miles on the new transmission. My mechanic has quoted about $2800 for a new (used) transmission and install but it hurts me to spend this less than 6 months later.

I'm to the point where it looks like I need to sell this car, for whatever I can, but the thought of doing so kills me. It has a ton of sentimental value. I don't even know if I can sell it with the bad transmission and I don't know how to part it out. I don't know anyone here that knows VW's to ask this advice from either. Realistically, what could I sell this car for?

2004 VW Beetle, Convertible 2.0L (6 speed triptonic)
64,340 miles (all Maui "highway" miles)
Clean HI Title (expired HI tags/registration since Oct)
Silver paint (pretty nice for 10 years old, some nicks and scratches here and there, rocker panels a little dented)
Black Leather interior (nice! kept very clean, dash cover, some minor scratches on inside, faux wood dash kit)
Black top (canvas is in decent condition, no leaks or tears, needs to be cleaned but will probably last another year or two, the mechanical insides can be a little cranky so needs to be cleaned come the spring)
The driver side window needs a new motor (works about half the time)
Tires (50% at least tread)
Newer battery, new shifter, everything else mechanically runs strong with the exception of the transmission. Passed safety on Maui.

Because of the transmission, I can't get a clear answer on KBB, etc Financially, this does not come at a good time and I need a running car ASAP but I'm afraid of funneling more money into this beetle. Yet, I look at buying a used car and can't find anything decent under $3000 (what I would be spending on the transmission) locally that has as low miles so maybe sucking it up and putting another transmission in is the way to go. Help?!?


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Honestly, the car is actually worth more if you would just bite the bullet and fix it with a re-manufactured transmission from a reputable company.

Regarding your last transmission replacement; I am guessing that you had a "used" transmission put in. When it comes to installing "used" parts, you never know what lurks and by the time you notice it, it is to late.
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