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need help with squished bug

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bought 2003 beetle from auction. was crashed front right with both airbags deployed. repaired body,replaced airbags and module. do i need to replace front crash sensors and if so where are they? this is my first bug and would like to ensure safety for my children.:rolleyes:


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61 veiws ... no reply :confused: can some one help please???
I would ask a reputable body shop. Never had that question come up... :eek:
If the crash sensors were damaged, you would get a DTC and the airbag light would be on. If you have replaced the airbags and module and you do not have an air bag light, you're good to go.
The sensors should be fine. There was a recall for the sensors but that only affected the '04-'05 model year for certain VIN numbers.
BTW, they are located inside the frame rail behind the front bumper cover so not very accessible if you did have to replace them.

thnx CGK , knowledgable and helpfull answer ... :D
I repaired a 1999 Beetle with similar damage and only had to replace both airbags, airbag computer, and both front seatbelts. When you're finished if the airbag light is off, you're good to go.
thnx everyone been busy painting, sorry 4 late reply air bag light is off. we feel safe .... ish lol :D
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