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need info on Upstream Oxygen Sensor

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My Daughter has a 2006 2.5 Beetle that is throwing a O.B.D. Code for the Upstream Oxygen Sensor.

Upon looking around the engine compartment I noticed an O-2 sensor locates at the back of the engine about where the engine and transmission meet up.

I'm not sure if this is the Upstream Sensor I'm looking for or not.

If anyone has any experience or links or photos they would like to pass along it would be greatly appreciated.

I'd like to avoid the "Stealer-ship" if I can do the job myself.

Thanks. ?
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Should be pretty simple. Look at the exhaust diagrams on rockauto.com to see where parts are. There are two O2s, one in front of the cat and one behind. The front one tells the computer what to do, the back one simply tells the computer that the cat is working.
O 2 Sensor info.

Thanks, I''ll check it out. ?
Be sure; to get the high quality oem sensors, from BOSCH; you can find the correct one, by looking at the Bosch auto parts finder: (be sure to match with your engine code and vin #, don't get the universal version, stick with the "oe" version, it will be identical to your original one)

Bosch Vehicle Part Finder

For more repair and diagram info; check out the service manual here:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals
RE: O-2 Sensor

I know where the V.I.N. is loated. But where would I find the Engine Code. ( Owners Manual, Somewhere on the car frame , ??). or on the Engine itself ?. ?
On the options sticker where the spare tire is.
Re: info on Engine Code

Thank you all for the info.
When I'm done I''ll post my results in case it can help anyone else. ?
Hey, you might want to get a 02 sensor socket (so, you don't damage your new one); if you don't have one, all the auto parts stores... have them these days!. Good luck with the repairs and let us know how it goes! :)

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