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Thought I'd start a thread about this.
I sometimes watch some pretty decent films on Netflix. I know some of the titles are a little old but, in a lot of cases their better than some of the movies that they come out with nowadays.
I like watching documentaries or true story type films.
Dramas and thrillers tend to be my first choice however, a good comedy with laughs is always good for the soul.
Sometimes you'll find hidden gems in the Independent films category

Here's a short list of some titles that I thought were worth watching

HARSH TIMES - Christian Bale and Eva Longoria
PARISO TRAVEL - independent film
THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA - Tommy Lee Jones (also directed) and Barry Pepper
THE LIFE A DAVID GALE - Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet
FRAILTY - Bill Paxton (also directed) and Mathew MacConaughey
I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS - Jim Carey and Ewan Mcgegor (true story)

WINTER SOLDIER (banned from tv in 72. - soldiers tell there stories about atrocities committed in the Vietnam War)

I gave each of these movies a 5 star rating
So, have you seen anything on Netflix that you want to share?

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I've been in a cartoon kinda mood lately. I've been watching Phineas & Ferb. once I'm done with that I'm thinking Avatar: The Last Airbender. I did watch the movie and enjoyed it but was told they changed some things from the cartoon.

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Nothing lately. Been doing 3D rendering.
BUT! The last thing I did watch on Netflix was: Craig Ferguson: Wee Bit O' Revolution

Great stuff. :D

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Nothing yet today but only will for a couple more days till I give em the boot for the price change.

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For TV shows, I obviously watch on a regular basis, south park, top gear, it crowd, star trek TNG and voyager, and charmed.

I just found one called "masters of sci-fi" It's narrated by stephen hawking, and the first episode wasn't that good, but the second was awesome. i cant wait to watch more of it.

for interesting movies i've seen that you can stream, here are some of my reccoemndations:

some indie:
me and you and everyone we know
mary and max
this movie is not yet rated

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If you are a Chef Gordon Ramsay fan, I would suggest.
'Ramsay's Best Restaurant'

If your a Kung Fu fan,
'IP Man'

Frailty is one of my favorite movie
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