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New '12 Turbo Beetle owner from RI

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We bought this 2012 VW Turbo Beetle a couple of months ago with 12k miles on it for my wife.

She was daily driving a Kia Soul for a few years and loved it but didn't like the lack of power it had. She would get in my 07' Saab 9-3 2.0T which I have tuned and would get a bit jealous of the extra power I would have in my car so the search was on for something with a bit more pep for her.

We came close to buying a new GSR, did love it, price wasn't bad being a leftover '14 but the more we looked at it the more she thought a different color was of more interest to her.

We had stopped looking but one day drove by a Kia dealer lol and this Beetle was out front. Stopped, looked, saw the price was too good to be true and the mileage was so low. It had everything she wanted outside of it being an R-Line. It has NAV, the Fender Audio, Moonroof, Push button start, HID lighting, Leather, 19" Tornado wheels, etc etc.


She loves it, has the power she wanted and we will gradually make it our own with a few tasteful mods and probably a Tune soon enough I am sure too lol. Although it does pretty good and sport mode does give it the go it needs. Ended up throwing $18k for it which I though was a great deal, its showroom new inside and out. Even found the window sticker in the glove box.

Here is my daily as well, changes will happen with the beetle too :)

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Welcome, from Texas! We are glad you found us.

Fun little car, I didn't think I would like driving it but its got lots of room and moves along great. That DSG trans is something to get used to though.... little different than the norm, along with the hill hold feature.
Great looking 12+. Of course I'm a little biased!
Welcome to the org! Be sure to start a photo thread or a garage for your beetle! :goodjob:

I have a 2013 Turbo and boy is it sweet! I'm a little surprised I haven't gotten in trouble yet :lol:
Great looking 12+. Of course I'm a little biased!
Thanks! Yeah this color grey is really sharp on this car, especially when nice and clean! I like the green you introduced into yours, I saw those posted in a few places and liked the checkers myself too.

I will be introducing some orange into ours, got some vinyl delivered yesterday so when I see a few nice days I will ours going and share some pics.

Welcome to the org! Be sure to start a photo thread or a garage for your beetle! :goodjob:

I have a 2013 Turbo and boy is it sweet! I'm a little surprised I haven't gotten in trouble yet :lol:
I will definitely add some pics to the garage and post some pics in a photo thread as I move along with it. Thanks!

Yeah my wife has ripped up the road a few times in sport mode, she better save those tires, winters coming LOL
That's just her way of saying you need to get some good snow tires :lol: and of course some nice summer tires once spring rolls around :D
Yeah I have some ideas for wheels for it too.
I wanted to get them before winter, move her current 19's over to them and put some snows on the tornados for winter but not sure my wallet will get us there in time or not. We see :)

How are these cars over all in the snow? Not expecting you to know in TX lol

but I'm afraid we might have another craptastic winter here again in New England

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I can't say about snow driving. Even when I lived in Nebraska the Beetle hibernated in the garage so it didn't get driven. I know the NBs were good, I would imagine the Beetle isn't much different. I haven't heard anything negative about them thus far however.
Well after this post I went looking and just scored a set of (4) NEW Nokian Hakkapeliitta R snow tires which are EXCELLENT tires for $306 delivered!! so they are going to find there way on to the stock 19" Tornados and I will put her current tires on the summer 19" wheels I have in mind for her.

I will feel safer knowing she has dedicated snows, she hates snow driving as is and this past winter was awful for us here. :cool:

I have 2 sets of wheels for my Saab, snows on the OEM's, works out great.
Wow that's a good deal! Whenever my tires are shot I plan on putting on some good summer tires, the TDI will get some all season tires.
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