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New 2014 TDI dropped on 20's :-)

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Just got my new 2014 6 speed manual Diesel Beetle and love it! I have had several TDI's in the past and had to sell my gas hog truck to get another. My wife also got a 2014 TDI Passat. We love VW's.
The first day I got mine it went to the stereo shop and got a JL audio 13.5 W7 sub and Focal expert 6.5 components. Its great..
I ordeded the 20's and H&R sport springs. I love how it turned out, sits just perfect. I also put airbags in the rear since I pull a trailer with it. I just got a factory turbo style wing and can't decide if I want to put it on or leave it off? I think it looks kind of clasic without the spoiler. It also looks good with it. Need to decide before I go drilling my hatch. The wheels are Hartmann 20x9x40mm and the tires are 245 35 20. I know someone will ask those sizes. Well, here are some pics.


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Veeerrrryyy nice! great work on the beetle my man. hope to see a ton more pics on this sweet ride very soon.
Great looking TDI - love the stance and the wheels!
Great choice on the wheels. I was (am) considering a set in 18" for my '05 NB

Nice job, man
A 13w7 in a beetle? Wow! That should be a TON of bass! Especially if it's in a ported enclosure

What amp did you use on bass?

What amp on the Focals?

What source unit?

I work at an audio shop and have sold JL product for over a decade. Love their stuff!

I almost went with those same wheels as I really like them! Don't see too many diesels hooked up.

Sharp looking ride
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Stereo stuff

I went with the factory touch screen head unit. I like the factory look inside. Here are the specs:
Focal flax expert components front and rear 6.5"
Jl 13.5 w7 in a ported box
Jl HD 600/4 for the highs
Jl HD 1200/1 for the bass
Yes it ROCKS! I love it :)


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Wow! That's one hellva system!

How did they integrate the amps to the factory deck? Traditional line output converts are ok and then there's a step above like JL's clean sweep or Memphis' 6LA but I was just thinking with all that nice equipment you could really benefit from a DSP/EQ. Something like a Rockford 360.3, Mosconi 6-8, or arc's unit with proper tuning would make a world of a difference!

The Rockford unit gives you the most for your money but believe the arc unit is considered to be the cleanest, most adjustable.

Like I said, just something to think about

Now... You can't just tease me with that photo of the system! Looks like you had a nice custom enclosure built!?! Got to have more pictures!! :D
Those wheels rock!
stance is everything, and you my friend have achieved greatness.
love the way the car sits, love it.
I am about to pull the trigger on some H&R springs, how is the ride quality? Close to stock?
That Beetle is bad ass!

You have inspired me to do up one for our showroom.
20s and H&R's will be ordered on Monday. I will post pics.
I love this! I need advice on lowering my beetle! Coilovers or springs? How much did you drop this front and back?
This is the H&R sport springs. Gives about a 1.5 inch drop.
looks amazing, I think.
This is the H&R sport springs. Gives about a 1.5 inch drop.
looks amazing, I think.
It definitely does! :)
I have my 2 tone spoiler being shipped from the USA as we speak, when I add it and lower my car it Will be perfect- no more tinkering!

H&R sport springs say 1.4 inches front and 1.3 rear. I also put Firestone helper airbags in the rear. I pull a trailer sometimes with my motorcycles or golf kart and didn't want it to squat. It also seems like a little smoother ride with about 20 pounds in the bags.
I ordered a factory style wing but decided to leave it off. My opinion is the wing takes away the old school look.
I ordered a factory style wing but decided to leave it off. My opinion is the wing takes away the old school look.[/QUOTE]
My bug didn't come with the spoiler but since I got my roof covered in black vinyl I think it'll really set it off. I like how mean the 2012+ beetles look and am keen to keep mine more modern ;)

I love those Audi-replica alloys! I had them on my Eos and they just look amazing. I wish I could have swapped them with my TDI Beetle, but I found a set of Twisters super cheap and they will be fine until I decide if I want to go larger. I just love the two-tone look of those wheels.
Those wheels look nice. How's the ride?
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