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How-To by BugMod.com
BugMod New Beetle Bulb Chart

Here is the most current bulb guide reference 98-02 NB's ALL:
Headlamp - LOW:H-1 55W
Headlamp - HIGH:H-1 55W
Fog:H-1 55W
Front Turn:7528(1157)
Rear Turn:7506 (1156)
Stop/Tail:7528 1157)
License Plate:2825 (194)
Back-up Light:7506 (1156)
Rear Sidemarker:2825 (194) Front Turbo-S Sidemarker same
Glove Box:2825 (194)
Trunk:6418 (194)

For LED Sidemarker bulbs, CLICK HERE (true color with your clear lenses - no more pink!)

If you're looking for the best LED 1156/1157 Replacement Bulbs available, checkout: LEDtronics They carry the finest quality replacement bulbs on the market (be advised, they are VERY expensive). You will also have to install a variable-load electronic flasher, or be forced to live with "turbo-blinkers".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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