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I have just changed the front struts, coils, bump stops, upper bearing and upper mounts on my 2006 New Beetle Convertible Luna 1.8 T. (1Y7) The car has 17" standard wheels.

I have noticed that when the car is on the ground, the upper mounts sit about 15mm high, rather than pulled down tight to the body. If I Jack the car up the dish will drop to meet the body as the front wheel leaves the ground.

To investigate, I removed the strut top nut and dish and noticed that the base of the dish actually touches the strut bearing nut beneath. I'm not sure if this is by design.

I reinstalled the dish and the strut top nut and noticed that the top nut, when fully tightened, pinches the dish against the strut bearing nut.

The parts are installed back in the original order I.e. strut, bump stop & gaitor, coil spring, spring seat, spacer, bearing, bearing nut, top mount, through the body, dish and strut top nut.

I no longer have the original struts having disposed of them but have checked a pictureI took, and the bearing nut sits in the same position (counted the threads above it) and the top strut nut fits with the same number of threads exposed when fitted.


And with the dish removed....


Is this correct? Should the dish base touch the bearing nut?
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