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Hi all,

After spending too much time looking for a fix/video I though I would post how I fixed a broken regulator on my daughters 2005 convertible. Window was making groaning sound for past few weeks so there was warning. Finally after it going down and not comming back up I was forced to fix it.

I did not want to spend the $340 for a whole new regulator with rails since I am cheap so I ordered a repair kit off amazon, link:
(sorry would not let me post link, but just search for)
Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Drivers Side Front Window Regulator Repair Kit 1Y0-837-461-J

All the reviews on it said it was a bear to install the cables so I took a chance and ordered it. It was 1/4 the cost of a new regulator with the rails and I thought it would be a good gamble.

I removed the old/broken regulator (see youtube video from Bentley) link:
Again sorry site would not let me post link. You tube search for
VW New Beetle Convertible 2003-2010 - Door window regulator - DIY Repair

After getting the old rails out I put the repair kit on the rails and yes the reviews were correct there is no way to stretch the cables over the pulleys by hand, so I made my own tool to do it. I used a spare piece of conduit PCV pipe for the handle and just drilled small holes and stuck hex wrenches in the holes. I did measure the gap on the notches of the plastic pulleys to get the spacing. I used the clamp to put pressure on the cable/springs in the winding unit to get the extra slop so I could then use the spanner wrench to turn the plastic pulley to set the cable. (think of how you reset a bike chain, get one tooth on the chain then turn the pedal to re-seat the chain)





I hope this helps someone, I spent about :30 minutes trying to put the wire on and or to figure out how to get the wire over the pulleys before I decided I needed some type of a spanner wrench (which I do not own).

Once the cable was on I started to install it into the door to realized I had put the cables on backwards. So I got to use the tool a few more times as practice. Why do the job once when twice will make you really good at it.. As you can see from the pictures I got to do it twice, good news is I got to take another photo for reference.

Good luck. All in all it took me 3 hours to do the job. That included installing the cables wrong, partially installing in the door and then fixing my mistake and also building my special tool, that will be for sale for $99....... I am of course kidding, do not message me about buying it, just make one for free. You can use anything for the handle. I started out with a scrap piece of wood, but It was too big next to the clamp. So in reality this is version 2.0

Good luck.

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That looks like it would work better than what I did. I've used needle nosed pliers to turn the pulley. I do not recommend the method I used. I'll keep your method in mind for when I have to do this job again (with these cars, it's not an "if", but "when").
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