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I am currently working out the details for adding a PC to my NBC (which is a 2006 shadow blue with black interior and ragtop).

Ive pretty much picked out the frontend software and am working on designing the actual PC that I will be trying to fit into my tiny trunk and am trying to figure out how to wire it all up.

I will post pictures on my progress, as well as links. Eventually I will be putting up a website with info on what I did and how I did it in case anyone else wants to do this.

here is a list of some of the features the PC will have:

1. Trying to keep cost under 1500.00 canadian dollars.
2. 7" Touchscreen on dash with swivel base (to turn to passenger should you have a navigator / dj with you)
3. GPS built in with color screen telling you where you are and where you should turn.
4. Linked to celphone. with onscreen calldisplay with picture display as well. Takes the directory from your phone too, and you can dial from the touchscreen. Turns down radio when incoming call rings.
5. Full digital music player, and Im hoping to have about 200gb hard drive in there, so lots of music for those long trips.
6. DVDs too for bored passenger or for when you are up north.
7. TV? Maybe.
8. Radio functionality (AM FM maybe XM?)
9. Web browser
10. Email with audio alert for incoming.

Those are pretty much the cool features in the software i am testing (free online)...

The actual PC will be in the trunk, and I am shaping the case the PC is in to the superman logo, matching the superman logo I am putting on the back of the car.

Ill probably never use half these features but they come with the software, mostly I want the GPS onscreen for when Im lost.

Cheers Let me know if anyone else is interested in doing something like this.

NBC 1.8T
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What software are you using?

I'm new to the forum. I picked up a NBC in Pickering last summer and drove it home to Newfoundland. I'd love to do some techi-mods, but I don't have any info. Please let me know how you make out with your install, etc. You never know... I might see you on the road sometime!

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