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Hello, here is my New Beetle 1.8t.

Some modifications:
-Dietrich bodykit
-Caracter spoiler
-Led tail lights
-Azev 8,5x18" in the front and 10x18" at back
-Recaro interior
-Coilovers (it will drop little bit more than now ;)

And few pictures :)

Added some details ^^

Oh allmost forgotted. It isn't stock. At this point there is 2,5" remus muffler, abt program and forge turbo intake, but more is coming. K04 turbo, intercooler and 3" downpipe.

Hope you like it! :)

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Welcome to the org!

Your Beetle is very cool indeed :)

It is nice, that here are more Finns. :clap:

Lot of used New Beetles have imported into our country during the past few years; NB population is growing... :)
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