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Hi all.

Just got myself a w reg beetle, and best of all for £100.

I was dropping some letters off that had come to my house by addressed to house with the same same but about 10 miles away, happens daily, so I decided to pop round to see them, and explain that my house is not on a road or in a village, so my address is:

House Name
Nr. X Town
LAxx xxx

and that there house is

House Name
xx number xxx street
X Town

and since they named their house a few year ago if they don't put their street number and house number as part as their address their mail will always come to my house and it only as postman knows it not for me that they can any mail, so if regular postie is off, we get their mail, any way, parked on grass (well what was once grass) was a yellow beetle, and I mentioned that my eldest lass wants one for when she passes her test, and the lady said you can have that one, it been there broken for 4 years, she been offered £100 for scrap, so I could have it for £100.

OK cool, drive home, pick up my father and tow rope and compressor (two flats) and I have a yellow beetle.

Now it had failed it MOT on emissions, and a stuck rear seat belt.

She also explained that it was leaking in, battery would be OK one day and flat the next, steam from a rubber pipe, alarm would go off after opening the door, windows went up and down on their own.

But over 4 years things have got worse.

Anyway hooked it up and got it home.

Battery is fine, it was new and drained, will leave this on a recondition charge for a few days.

Got the water out, there was upto in places an inch of water, that is all gone, I put a fan heater in it overnight and it all dried lovely, will shampoo all the carpets/seats headliner etc once I've done the rest.

Mold, everywhere, got rid of all signs of that, it looks like the last family had tried to get rid of it by brillo pads, as surb marks on plastic, the high gloss plastic has mold spot stains, I'll touch that up at some point.

Drained water and flushed, found spilt hose, some hose tape has fixed that. I have used evens waterless coolant for years now (after 1st degree burns pressured systems and me were done), as it will never be under pressure once I fill it with evens that should be fine.

Dials on dash have gone east, I should be able to fix that on my bench.

Changed spark plugs, oil etc, the plugs where over 50k miles ago by the look of them, that will explain the jumping as she put it (misfire lol). No issues with timings as I've tested. Not changed gearbox oil, could not find a hex nut that fits, going to have to hunt for it this week.

Water has been my main issue, I guess that it been heating up like a goldfish bowl in summer and condensation get into everything and pooled in places, as you can see in the picture of the instrument cluster I've posted.

Alarm, that was the door catch (why do people have to make simple things complicated), lot and lots of electrical spray seems to have sorted that.

What is left to do:

1. Window switches (both) are broker (cracked), windows doing a merry dance
2. Dials are not working in cluster, just time needed for that
3. Leak from rear pillar (I guess sunroof channel)
4. Sunroof, tilt only not sliding
5. Center armrest not locking into place.
6. Radio not working, power to it so that is good, I'll get her something with bluetooth/handsfree anyway, so not an issue.
10. Overrun fan not disengaging, hence battery drain, not looked into this yet, just pulled the fuse, will examine this in the week.
11. Hellish to select gears (1st and 2nd), will not select reverse, expect linkage gone, will pop into a VW shop and get parts.
12. Paint, for it age OK but I will touch up in places, and give it a cut, because of it age, not worth the cost of paint IMO.
13. Emissions, I'll just take in for a MOT when ready and see how this is, my MOT guy does not charge me for a retest.

Well I'll ket you all know how I get on, and no doubt I will in picking brains.

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for got pics.


The Car

Mold (it was lot worse)

Back of cluster (rust)

The cluster a bit of a pain, i cracked glass in my shop, and going to have to tap them screws out. So not sure what it going to be like inside, I just put it in my plastic oven very low with fan on, see if that going to be a really easy fix, glass with crack will no doubt be a MOT nono, never mind

oh any it needs a drivers Tyre, real shame looks brand new, put been sitting flat and sidewalls gone :-(

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not to much progress,

left it running to get rid of the old petrol (gas to those in the US)

Filled it up with evens water less coolant.

put a can of petrol in and had a drive to a petrol station to fill it (30 miles round trip), held low gears all the way, certainly needed new plugs not missing a beat now, some blow on exhaust.

the instrument cluster had rust in it, and was badly damaged, got one from a scrap yard that was working, taking it along to VW to get it paired to the car, just waiting on them getting the key in they have ordered, will also get them to do any updates on the ecu at the same time.

Not cheap considering the age of the car, put what can you do £300 for new key, pairing and ECU updates (if any needed)

Exhaust is blowing :-( will get up in the air while at VW and have a look (already advised them I need this done free, or i will go to a different VW center (there is 4 within 15 mins drive) they where fine with this)

Battery now fine, the re-conditioner has worked wonders, hoped it would, I only have that sort of charger for my garden lawn mower as it is a leisure battery.

some pics, i'll more once it fully road legal and running, bluw badges are now silver :)


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