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I just purchased a 2006 New Beetle HB 2.5l gas, automatic for my daughter. For a 10 year old car it is in excellent shape, only 67,000 miles. It runs great, has been well maintained and is very clean. The only problem I have found is the Tiptronic function does not work, when in D or S mode the transmission shifts smoothly and properly. I looked at the shifter and the back half of the ribbon (conveyer belt looking thing) is missing. The Tiptronic magnet or the switch is probably defective, that would be my guess. Also when first started the gear indicator on the dash works, but only for a few seconds, then all the letters are illuminated.

My options probably are to replace the shifter with a new unit, or go to the junk yard and find an intact ribbon and magnet, or just leave it alone. I am opting to just leave it alone and not tempt fate.

I'm sure I will have more questions later. Great forum by the way.

Craig in Spokane
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