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New Beetle owner

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New to the forums and New Beetles. My FIL just handed down his 1998 TDI Beetle. This is to be my wife's car, but having driven it only 15 miles I'm going to find every excuse to drive it. It's sat for 7 months and needs a lot of TLC. I'm a dyed in the wool motorhead, but this is my first diesel and first VW. My dad and her dad both had air cooled VW's in the past.


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Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and post a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
Welcome to the NB/TDI family! Check out Fred's TDI Page. TDIClub.com. VW TDI Enthusiast Community for TONS of info about our diesels. Happy motoring!
Welcome to the new beetle.org! I love that color... :) You can get that diesel really dialed in, to get some killer fuel mileage! These cars are a breeze to drive, and it looks like yours is in pretty good shape overall.

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Thanks for the welcomes. My FIL said he swapped in injector tips, I know it's pretty qick, lot's of fun to drive. The car has sat and it just needs a very thourough cleaning.
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