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Hello all... Matt James from Knoxvegas, Tennessee...

I started out seaching for multiple cars and then made the happy choice to test drive a New Beetle. It was love at first drive (at least once I figured out how to get the darn thing in Reverse!)... Then I made the small mistake of test driving a 1.8 Turbo... Drool...

So now my list had grown from a used New Beetle with a sunroof to a New Beetle with a turbo, manual tranny and a sunroof. Then I drove by the local dealer and drooled all over the '06 models. Hrm... 2.5 liter... No turbo lag. Dad accompanied me and we test drove an 01 turbo sport. Bright yellow. Dad and I both fit comfortably (I'm 6' 4" 250 and dad's 6' 6" 200). Now dad's hooked.

So I stopped into the VW dealer when they were open and the dealer copied the ol' license, handed me the keys and said "See you in a bit!" Let's see- slightly bigger engine, runs on regular gas, is new. Smells new. Dude let me drive it by my lonesome. Almost sold...

Six miles later I made my decision to purchase. I grabbed a sales book and promptly went home and poured over it. Searched the web for reviews and information. Wondered how to keep the cat off of it. Discovered that most online insurance companies don't have a selection for an '06 New Beetle. Asked for adivce from my car friends (This will be my first car. Everything else has been a truck.)

Two days later I walked in, had them search for a 2.5 Platinum Grey with the manual tranny, grey leather and a sunroof. I soon discovered I was gonna have to order one. So, I plunked down 500 bucks and ordered it up. The salesman was great and apparently the only one that was willing to give this big Jeep driving guy the time of day at the dealer. So he definately got the sale.

Now I must wait... For up to two months... Patiently... Suddenly there's a lot of New Beetles on the road, never noticed that before... hey that one's a 1.8 Turbo... there goes a TDI... Wow - nice '99. Very well taken care of... attractive girl in a lime green beetle... Where'd all these New Beetles come from?!?!


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Who'da thunk someone as tall as you would fit comfortably in a "compact" car? :D My 6'4" hubby discovered this in 2002..... (see my sig, below. :wink: )

You did the right thing: Didn't settle. Your wait will be worth it. I only hope you can stand it! :lol: Congratulations in advance, and post some pics when you gorgeous New Beetle arrives! :party:

Oh, and Welcome to the Org! :wave3:
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