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Hey everyone,
My name is Jamie, and I'm from Maine. I may be new to the forums, but I'm definately not new to Volkswagens and the New Beetle. I've been into V-Dubs (Hence the screen name) since I was young. I was always hooked on the "Herbie The Love Bug" movies when I was a little kid, so it was natural that I longed for a Beetle, even though I knew it couldn't really drive itself.

I got my first Volkswagen at the age of 12, a 1972 Super Beetle that I semi-restored in my highschool days. Almost 12 years later, I've still got that same Beetle, but I still haven't finished restoring it. My bad;).

Fast forward to now. I'm just recently engaged to my highschool girlfriend of 5 years, who just so happened to want a convertible Beetle when she was younger. Now her daily driver is a 2000 New Beetle. Funny how fate works isn't it??!!

Since I'm getting ready to sell my daily driver (Don't laugh), a modded Ford Focus, I'm planning to start driving my girl's Beetle since she plans on getting something more "family oriented". I won't complain, I've wanted a New Beetle since the first time I saw the Concept in 1994.

Anyway, sorry for the long story. To keep it short and sweet, Volkswagens are my life. I eat, breath, and dream V.W, and no other car could ever touch me the way the Beetle has.

That's why I'm "Into V-Dubs"

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n2vdubz said:
(Don't laugh)...... I eat, breath, and dream V.W.
I don't know what VW puts into these cars, but it's magic! :bowdown:

Welcome to the Org! :wave3:

And, welcome to the world of the New Beetle! :party:
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